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Peer Review #2

Peer Review and 150 Word Note


This essay is an amazing first draft piece. I think that all of the point discussed in the existing paragraphs do a really great job sticking to our prompt while adding personal reflection and interesting perspectives throughout the essay. By adding the multimodal component to this essay, it will just aid in creating a very interesting and intriguing paper. Your plans to expand on thought as well as plans to add in the multimodal aspect will take your paper to the next level. I am very interested to see what you end up doing. Pictures would be a very simple addition as well as some new ways of incorporating text. Keep up the great work and focus time on the multimodal rather than the writing, because they writing is already exceptional.



  1. Elisha M Emerson

    Kaitlyn, which is your comments? Thanks for your help!

    • kgenest1

      The blue comments are mine

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