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They Say/I Say Chapter

The chapter I decided to read was Chapter 4: “Yes/ No/ Okay, But” Three Ways to Respond. This chapter discussed how to go about agreeing, disagreeing, or doing a little of both surrounding what “They Say” in an academic essay. The chapter identifies that it can be just as hard to agree with what someone else says and still introduce new and original ideas, as it is to disagree. Disagreeing with a stance can feel like a you-against-the-world situation¬†and can ¬†make the writer feel vulnerable. While both agreeing and disagreeing is hard, combining both is hard as well. The ideas can become confusing and not follow a clear path when there is no definite opinion regarding an idea.

I decided to work with this chapter because I want to clearly state that I agree with Becks argument but I was unsure of the most effective way to do this. In my own revision process, I made sure that my introduction clearly identified the fact that I do believe life is a story. In addition to making that statement clear, I used some of the templates used in the “They Say/I Say” book to support the ideas I already had. I feel as though adding these sentences helped make my points clear and easily identifiable.

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  1. Elisha M Emerson

    Excellent! It sounds like you made the most of this assignment. Well done!

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