Learning Outcome 5: Document their work using appropriate conventions(MLA). 

MLA formatting is a difficult task that I feel no one has ever memorized of completely mastered. The rules in place are strict and take time to perfect. Luckily for me, in English 110 the textbook titled “The Little Seagull” was a resource that I used in order to correctly format my works cited pages. Using templates and resources to format my paper was not a strategy that I decided to use until my final paper. The works cited in my showcased writing project does not demonstrate my current knowledge of how to complete a correct work cited page, however, my final essay shows an accurate example of what I have now learned and my understanding of learning outcome 5.









Learning Outcome 6: Control sentence-level error (grammar, punctuation, spelling). 

My ability to control sentence-level errors within my essay has been strengthened throughout this semester. Prior to my time in English 110, I would often turn in papers without even rereading what was said. After taking this course, I have realized how important it is to have a professional look when turning in assignments or presenting my work to others. Making these local revisions  to correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation is important to add the finishing touches to an academic essay