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Revision Strategy #2

My revision goal for this paper is to incorporate more of my own personal life into the essay as well as adding in the multimodal aspect in a more unique way.

I plan to completely rework my essay. I plan to start off by taking bits and pieces out of my essay that I think are strong and centering paragraphs around those strong statements. In those new paragraphs, I also want to take real examples from my life and better explain why I PERSONALLY believe our lives are a narrative. Adding in pictures from my life might be a way I can include more multimodal aspects while tying in my life.

In this essay, I see the short word count as my biggest challenge. Finding the right words to get my point across without going off on a tangent is necessary. In the end, it will be beneficially because every word will count, but in the process, I will definitley need to plan what exactly I want to say.

If this challenge is too large for me to handle on my own, I will have a peer read my essay and point out places where I begin to ramble, or sentences that simply don’t enhance what I am really trying to say in my essay.

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  1. Elisha M Emerson

    It sounds like you are aware of the unique challenges this paper will offer you. I’m looking forward to reading your paper! đŸ™‚

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