Learning Outcome 2: Be able to integrate their ideas with those of others using summary, paraphrase, quotation, analysis, and synthesis of relevant sources. 

In my showcase writing project, I incorporated the work of Jonah Lehrer into my final essay in order to argue that art and dental hygiene should exist hand in hand to advance the quality of hygienists work. Taking the words directly from Lehrer, a credible writer, creates a sense of authority in my own writing. Being able to correctly include quotes is a skill that I have achieved throughout my English 110 experience.  A skill that once scared me, is now one done with ease. In my showcase writing project I demonstrate learning outcome 2 by introducing and quoting Lehrer by saying “As Lehrer says, “By heeding the wisdom of the arts, science can gain the kinds of new insights and perspectives that are the seeds of scientific progress”.” After giving Lehrer credit for his thoughts I then incorporated my own ideas regarding that statement.  I said “Art will not instantly create a new mindset, but it encourages these new ways of thinking to shine through in everyday life. A class such as sculpture, allows aspiring dental hygienists to not only expand their understanding of their own personal creativity and definition of art, but it allows for much more specific growth as well.” Simply quoting an author is not enough to fully develop an idea. The real power comes from integrating my own ideas and expanding upon what has already been said.  Quotes should be used to further an argument and create new perspectives, they should not just be used to restate exactly what another writer has already said.