Multimodal Paper Statement

The goal of my multimodal paper is to draw in the reader’s attention through various mode. One mode that I really want to focus my time on is the spatial aspect of my paper. Rather than the typical organization of an essay, I want this essay to break stereotypical format and pop off the page. By arranging the paragraphs in unique ways rather than being left justified, uniform text, I hope it will stand out to a reader immediately. Adding in pictures and placing text beneath, next to, or around the picture could create a new focal point and draw the reader’s attention to certain areas.  For the visual mode of my paper, I want to really use pictures in the best possible way to enhance what I talk about in my paper. Adding meaningful pictures will further develop my claims and provide additional evidence. I would love to be able to find an animation or interactive visual component to add to my essay to add in even more interesting aspect to my paper. In addition to just using pictures as a visual, the text size, color, and font will all be used to emphasize words by bolding certain words or setting a mood or tone regarding a certain statement. In my essay, I think embedding links to the essays and sources I use would be a nice feature to add in. Providing a link to the articles would allow for an easy way for readers to access the information I’m referencing and quoting. Along with the quotes from articles, also adding in a link to the narrative interview I use will allow readers to watch the video for themselves rather than just hearing me reference it. The different modes used in this paper will really help to show rather than just tell the readers what I am arguing and how using pictures, videos, a non-traditional format, and adding color and other fonts can create a whole new feel to an essay.

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