Learning Outcome 4: Be able to critique their own and others’ work by emphasizing global revision early in the writing process and local revision later in the process.¬†

The peer review process is an area where I have seen myself grow immensely. The very first time I ever took a peer review seriously was in my English 110 course. Understanding that helping my classmates see where they could use global revision in their essay could ultimately¬†make or break their essay was a key turning point in how I viewed peer review from that point on. Rather than looking for the “spellcheck” errors and other local errors in an essay, I demonstrate my understanding of learning outcome 4 by now searching for how the overall flow and composition of an essay could be made better. In my second peer review, I was able to give suggestions such as expanding ideas in order to fully discuss a topic and give suggestions on how to introduce certain topics into the overall conversation sooner. Once these global revisions are done, then comes the time in peer review when local revisions are necessary.