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Life’s Stories

The first moment that caught my eye was when Beck references how the things an 8-year-old notices are much different from the things a 40-year-old notices. It made me think back on my own life working with children. Even though people experience the same situations, they process them in completely different ways.

The next moment that caught my attention is when Beck says we are all actors. I never really thought of this point and am still unsure if I fully believe it. While in one sense we all follow our own narrative as does an actor, I’d like to believe that I am being truthful and expressing myself naturally rather than putting on an act to get a story across. Her point confused me and made me stop and think.

A final point that Beck made that I love is the idea that our life isn’t just a book, but instead a library. The fact that each section in our life can be its own story makes much more sense to me than the entire thing being one complete book. Each of those books intertwines to make one coherent genre.

Overall I think that Becks points are clear and easy for a reader to relate to and reflect on their own personal life story.


  1. pfowler1

    When Beck said we are all actors, I was confused at first. I had my doubts like you did. How can we act something out if we are just simply going through it first hand? It seems a little hard to act out our own life story unless we put on a fake front for everyone 24/7. I liked Beck’s point about the different chapters in our lives as well. Not all aspects of our life are going to have the same “genre” or theme, but overall they can come together to tell one big story of our life.

  2. lbogdanovich

    hi! I like how you connect the text to your own life, I feel like this creates a stronger understanding of what Beck is trying to say in the essay. I also talked about when Beck said people are actors. This is an interesting piece of information because I never thought about this in this way either. Good job!

  3. elishaemerson

    You do an excellent job reading as both a believer and a doubter. Well done!

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